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mile across and more than 600 feet deep. nasa estimates that an object this size approaches earth every 40 years with the likelihood of a strike every 12,000 years. scientists worldwide claim that the mir astronauts were unrelated because of their very different trajectories. the $4 trillion global telecommunications industry is breathing a sigh of relief tonight as that astra crossed over the gm synchronous orbit of more than 1,000 telecommunications d weather satellites without incident. fox news correspondent bill keating has our report. ♪ >> this * is going away. >> reporter: asteroid be a 14 is more than 55,000 miles from earth moving away from us not to return for decades. this * came very close to earth in fact anotr close as astra flyby in recorded history. 17,000 miles. in the world is down -- astronomers response on predicting we would all be fine from the century, now worth impact. at least not this time. there are an estimated one millions base rocks near earth orbit. >> we have seen and tracked about 9,000 of them right now. and about 1000 of them are potentially hazardou
into space. the land sat data continuity mission will blast off from california. nasa calls it the most advanced and capable spacecraft of its kind ever built helping to monitor environmental change and natural resources. it's about the size of an suv and will likely be in orbit for many years. once it's in space, the u.s. geological survey will take over operations. >>> take a look at these photos. nasa says a solar flare happened over the weekend. it sent particles in the earth's direction. that likely isn't enough to pose a threat. they call the eruption minor but long in duration. nasa says the biggest effect here will likely be auroras near the north and south pole. >> the auroras are beautiful to see. we benefit in that way for sure. >> for sure. >>>let check had with tom kierein for a look at all the rain coming down. tom? >> yes, we've had a tenth to quarter of an inch of rain late last night. raining lightly in washington right now. we can see the jefferson memorial from the hd city camera. we've had a lot of the rain tapering off across northern virginia, the district into mar
recipientes. >> la nasa se prepara >> en su discurso final, el alcalde de nueva york entabló un proyecto para prohibir un producto terrible. >> en solo cuestión de horas tendremos un encuentro cercano con un asteroide y el asteroide bautizado como 2012da14 pasará cerca de la tierra, son 17200 millas y la luna está 14 veces más lejos que el asteroide y un asteoroide pasa tan cerca de la teirra cada 200 años, el tamaño es del 180 pies, un avión es más grande, casi la mitad del asteroide y ¿qué es mucho más pequeño? un auto bus escolar, esta roca nos viene a visitar pero pasa de largo. >> un pueblo en la frontera atrae turistas mexicanos y canadienses que buscan el tursmo a buen precio y hasta allá viajó adriana escalante. >> bienvenidos a los algodones, un pueblo que pertenece a mexicali y baja california en méxico y está ubicado al cruzar a garita de control y acá llegan miles de turistas pues tiene la fama de ser la capital mental del mundo y puede atender a 23 millones de turistas y el primer dentista llegó e 1969. >> al mirar que era todo un éxito, vino otro d
estados unidos pasara de día, a las 2 del este nasa dará las imágenes de australia . >> si no coopera el clima esperar 40 años . >> sino gracias por todos buenas noches . >> gracias . >> empleado en massachusetts se defiende de ladrones . >> familia de brooklyn en nueva york es ejemplo de superacion . >> el padre de adolescente celebra con lagrimas porque recibió nueva oportunidad de . >> [música] . >> el dependiente de tienda en massachusetts es experto por evitar robos, hombre le quiso robar y saco espada, el con cuchillo le dio un puñetazo . >> autobús choco contra casa y cayó a canal , 4 con heridas leves, perdió el control , el chofer es multado e interrogado por la policía . >> estados unidos es país de oportunidad de familia en nueva york después de años hacen venta callejera en ejemplo para imigrantes, tenemos la historia. >> después de 18 años vendiendo en calles y parques en nueva york tiene su propio restaurante no digo que se hizo realidad . >> llegaron de méxico hace 27 años después de intentar trabajo, vendían comida en parque . >> para comprar un grill u
. nasa reporting it appeared brighter than the sun. traveling at around 40,000 miles an hour, fast enough that if you were to hitch a ride, it would get from you new york to l.a. in four minutes time flat. early estimates were it weighed ten tons. nasa says now more like 7,000. it ripped through the air like a blade through fabric triggering sonic booms and an immense shock wave when it exploded. when it shattered miles above the earth, we're told it released 20 times the energy, more powerful than the hiroshimo bomb in japan. it was powerful enough to knock down doors and shatter windows across one city. officials say more than 1,000 people went for medical treatment. flying glass blamed for most of those injuries. one witness saying when older women in the neighborhood spotted it, they started screaming that the world was ending. and just about everybody seemed a little freaked out. >> it was very confusing because the building was shaking a little bit, so initially i thought it was an earthquake. but then i knew i heard this loud bang, so i thought some sort of explosion, either a gas
-- these are not just a few disgruntled protesters. the lead nasa global warming scientist has announced it's game over for the climate if we approve the keystone pipe will be. gabe was arrested protesting the pipeline. he is nasa's lead scientist endorsed a book calling the world for ridding itself of industrialization by turning off the greenhouse gas machine. this man i interviewed about ecoterror and the pipeline, his inspiration to stop the pipeline. so, the leaders at nasa -- i call them nasa's resident ex-con -- is inspiring these people to point acts of ecoer toism, and they're against all forms of energy, which doesn't make send. if we're getting oil from democracy in canada, that's caught ethical oil, as opposed to getting from nye jeer -- nye nigeria or the middle east. the. >> neil: what is scary, the ends justify the means and if push came to shove and it meant tearing the thing down or doing god know's what, without this oil, it's a better world for us? that is crazy. >> yes, it's not about not in my backyard so much as they're worried about the extra co2 that would be emited in the atmo
. he won a number of awards and honors and even served as a nasa-daughter and turned. tragedy just off the campus. it all in a deadly mix of guns and mental illness. >> around 1:00, we heard 10 gunshots. >> prince george's county police say he fired the shots at his roommates, killing a 22-year-old student and wounding another. he went into the backyard and killed himself. >> detectives discovered a 9 millimeter handgun next to his body. they also discovered a bag of weapons to include a baseball bat, the chevy, a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun and ammunition. >> police say the 9 millimeter pistol was purchased legally in baltimore county. a bizarre of circumstances are around 9:30 of the morning. his roommates came outside and talk with him about getting water to put out the fire. as they walked toward the house -- >> one of the students noticed the suspect reaching into his waistband for a gun. >> that student was able to run to a neighbor's house. the other collapsed and the front yard. they learned from his family that for at least one year, he suffered from mental illness tha
. dayvon green was a graduate of then became a graduate student 33 chosen by nasa... toobe apart oo their student ambassador & roggam.green'ssfamily tells pollce... thatttheir son has & been suffering from a mental illness fr at least a year. neighbors ay... they hhd no & clue aboutthis trrggles.... only thatthe wws a private, - studious person. &p3 "i wasstotally shocked this 3 was a shame, i guess wws very &pstudious come home ffom sccool and ou wouldn't see him tilll he came from school the next day" day"policc sayygrren did not leave a ote. -3 33 a man is stabbed in the chest 3happened jjst before -30 - today along souuh broadway in fells oint.the 20-yeer--ld &pvictim s in surggry this morning..olice aar still & earching for tte robber. 3 anns-u-v crashes into new york's sakk fifth & pvenuu... hitting an 899year-old pedestrian. &ppolice say the driver told -3 them he was hit by a trrck... witnesses say other people on the sidewalk were ble to 3 time... but the pedeetrian was seriously injuurd.no wwrd on -3 their condition today. aacr
tte two events are not reeatedd... kathleen cairns falling rom the sky... is a hot topic at nasa'ssttpp center in prince george'' 3 (as live lead) "hhre at the poddard space flight 3 how are the roadsslooking tonighh? tonight?brandiiproctor has our raffic edge report. reeorr. mapgreenspringgat natl pike 3&pshawanmmp395mmp & pongratulations... to ourr.. & wedding in a week ccople. couple. erica and arthuu saidd i doo -3 live o our morninn show today. our viewers picked everytting from theedrees and flowers... to he songgthey danced to for the first time as huuband aad wife. wife.meggn gilliland... ssows uu ...how ...it all... came together ...for one forget. 33 p86 16 ]] c2.5 g 0 [[ 3- erica and arthurrwill be - honeymooninn at a destination offtthir choice. choiceebest offluck... to the happy couple. 3 orrific video out of italy... wherr aa 3&pteen set hhmsell on fire... -3 what he'd learned momenns earlier... that proopted im pt do it. 3 pence sayy: "having my son totally uprooted and slaamed intoojail over a sugar packet iss c
. 3 3 3 3 news."" 3 3&pand cooinggup in just 30 minntts... nasa has their eye maryland prepaaed for a clooee tonight?branni proctor has our & traffii edge reporr. report. 3mapsgreenssringliberty 3 shawanmap395 &&p3 an olympic runner... acccsed -33 offkilling his girlfriend... p33 what hees saying about he murder.. and thh evidence revealed in couut. 3 &pthe plumminggobviously was the -3&pbiggesttissse, and the smell ///butt to///bbings a whole new meaning to the term poop eck. peck. 3 the cruise ssip nightmare is pver... what passengers are saaing about the horrible conditions they enddred... and the first thing mann of hem - ddd on dry land. & 3---explosion ats--- 3 an explosion nocks -firrfightees off their feet .. whattcaused this massive pireeall. 33 - 3 --adblib weetteertz-- 3- the triumph... is on the move...//.just hours ...after... t wws pulled pnto... mobile bay.../, the.... cruise shii... headed in... for reeairs today....//rene marrh... has the... thousands of passennerss ... h
shattered of about 20 football .ields nasa says it is the biggest in more hit the earth 100 years. is believed to have created this huge hole in a frozen lake. police keep curious onlookers off the ice while divers search for fragments. hunters from around the world onld like to get their hands of that rock. it could be pretty valuable. there is no doubt that oflions of dollars in value pieces fell to the earth. hours after the meteor hit scientists say a 150 foot asteroid missed the earth .- missed the earth and a fireball lit up the sky over san francisco. it turned out to be a media or nothing toar, but do with the one in russia. utah family got the shock of their lives when they went on a ride in a small plane. the plane crash and the whole thing caught on camera. is everybody ok? the voice you heard was john jonathan f ding -- ielding. the couple had their seven- jacob on board. ok.yone made it lost power because the engine was frozen. catherine says despite the accident she will fly again. now to the aftermath of that at sea.e the disabled carnival cruise lines. more passeng
the energy equivalent of 2.4 million tons of tnt and wipe out 750 square miles. in 2016, nasa will be sending a mission in space to study asteroids. >> it will rendezvous with a potentially hazardous meteoroid, understand its composition, and bring the sample back for analysis. >> for those who study space, an exciting day. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now you're 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> nearly 60 in many areas and big changes are coming in. as a big line up and down the mid-atlantic region, this will be bringing the changes. still on the one side of things. in western maryland, the rain is changing over to snow and it will continue on and off through western maryland across the weekend. great news for the ski resort on this president's day weekend. and as mixture east of the mountains where temperatures are warmer. check out the contrast to 32 degrees on dealer side of the state. 27 cleveland, 27 detroit. that front as it goes on through will generate rain and eventually a few snow showers. high temperature, 59. that's not a record or even cl
a shooting gallery around here. at the space museum a big show inside. a live nasa feed of the 2012 da14. it is 150-foot rock hurled across the night sky just before 2:30 our time. it was 17,000 miles from the earth before flying back into space. >> you see it going by so fast and realizing it is so close. it was amazing. >> it was amazing to see the damage it could have done. >> but it didn't. unlike in russia where they saw a blinding flash of light where a meteor unleashed sonic booms. 1,000 people were hurt from the flag fragments but flu debris and glass when the shock wave blow new windows of buildings. they told us that meteors come into the earth's atmosphere all testimony tie but blow up before they reach us. >> it is so exciting. >> people were fascinating not frightened. >> we did not run for cover. >> no word of any fatalities from the russian meteor and no reports of any satellites being taken out by the asteroid. they say today is a wake up call that we need to be more jidge lent about what is flying up around there. >> it turns out if s
roblin is talking with local nasa scientists about the asteroid and he will have more coming up tonight on 11 news at 5:00 and six o'clock. >> we are talking about things up in the air, but this is closer to the surface and not as dramatic. we have a new weather system coming in and it promises to be a snow and rain producer. temperatures are definitely warm enough for rain. made-50 cost right now. 20 of sunshine. west virginia is seen rain shower activity. that will be moving east. probably not until the end of the afternoon or early evening hours. what will it do as far as snow is concerned? i will have more on that forecast coming up. >> the deadline to apply for john leopold's job ended about three minutes ago, and a number of local politicians are throwing their name in the ring. acting county executive john hammond is interested in filling in. other candidates include steven schuh, county counsel chair jerry walker, vice chair john grasso, thomas angelis, and former maryland first lady kendel ehrlich. the county council will interview the candidates vote on february 21. john leopo
. according to reuters, groups have been set up to look if remains of the meteorite. >> amazing video. nasa is emphasizing there is no connection between that meteor and a huge asteroid make a close trip past earth. these are images from radar chicago the asteroid named da-14 saying it will be the best opportunity ever to monitor a near miss. the space rocket is half the size of a football old. if i would like to check it out, the space and science center has a telescope viewing party at 7:00 tonight and nasa is broadcasting the fly by on their site at abc7news.com under "see it on tv." >> will there be obstructions in the sky? or anything fall down -- rain? >> isn't that creepy coincidence? noise video. now, at home, live doppler 7 hd shows no radar runs. it is dry. notice the lack of clouds. one area we talked about this, everyone will be clear but santa rosa, a little bit of fog and 1. 75 mile visibility. today, we will have a record or two that may fall with another warm day. the coast will be calm. mid-to-upper 60's. surging warmth around the bay and inland. for the bay 68 to 73, inlan
apparently unfounded. nasa is using radar and other technology to study how the asteroid behaves, including its rotation rate, its composition and how it's impacted by the earth's gravity. the idea is to learn enough to prevent cat as it sfroe fee from it threatening in the future. >> we're going to get a lot of information about the asteroid. we're interested in its future motion, whether or not it could come back, whether it threatens the earth. >> reporter: the odds are either this one or another will be back. an asteroid impact the earth about every 120 years on average. it will be visible in the rthernemisphere this evening if you have access to a telescope. for now it's on its way away from the earth out into outer space harmlessly rotating -- or resolving -- excuse me. harmlessly rotating -- i can't even think of the right word. orbiting the sun. harmlessly at least for now, jim. >> casey, thanks very much. we appreciate it. ? or gal lat particular news, a meteor lit up the skies over eastern russia. the blinding light was followed by a series of deafening explosions. listen to this.
of flying glass and debris. tonight we have learned there was no warning. more on that from nasa in a moment. we begin with kirit radia in moscow. >> reporter: it came out of nowhere. a bright speck in the sky, soon streaking across the horizon, followed by an almost apocalyptic scene. a blinding flash of light, and then all hell broke loose. [ explosion ] dizzying explosions, shattering windows, knocking these office workers to the ground. these students were lucky, protected by curtains from the flying glass. and these men barely escaped the blast. [ explosion ] in the streets -- pandemonium. terrified residents thought the world was ending. people started to panic. somebody screamed, the end of the earth, he says. the chaos of the meteor captured on cell phones and the dashboard cameras of cars, so popular here in russia. the blast was so powerful, it knocked down a wall at this factory. in all, over 1,200 people were injured, mostly from broken glass. 3,000 buildings damaged, over a million square feet of glass shattered. many were injured after going to the window to check out the flash
, nasa has been charged by congress with keeping a 24-hour-a-day seven-day-a-week watch on the skies, and they're doing this principally with three observatories in new mexico, california and puerto rico, that have discovered about 98% of all the asteroid we know that are out there. >> axelrod: if they identify a potential threat what can then be done by way of a defense system? well, that's a real possibility. you don't want to destroy these things. they're too dangerous and it's too impractical. what you can do is deflect them. nasa has already perfected the art of landing on asteroids orbiting asteroids and we even fired an impactor into the side of a comet to study the debris. you can do the same impact mod welan asteroid and speed it up or slow it down by as little as a few centimeters a second. that way had it arrives at earth's orbit we've already passed by or haven't arrived at the rendezvous yet. >> axelrod: just a fraction. >> just a fraction. >> axelrod: in south africa today the extended family of olympic runner oscar pistorius came to his defense claiming the state's own
bomb dropped on hiroshima in 1945. no wonder nasa is keeping a closing watch for anything like it headed our way. at this moment, that near miss asteroid is now on its way out of the earth moon system. at 4 a.m. tomorrow, it will head outside the orbit of the moon. you can't see it without a powerful telescope. the magnitude is just about 7.4 well beyond naked iviesibility. but they will have telescopes at nasa you can watch it online. in the meantime, elizabeth, i have to tell you, what an extraordinary coincidence. we are sitting here waiting for this big near miss asteroid and then the real thing actually smashes into russia and it doesn't only smash into russia. it smashes as the biggest fall in 100 years and that last one in tunguska in 1908 was only 3,000 miles from this one. that's the longest astronomical hole in one you can possibly imagine. >> the video was incredible. >> reporter: incredible. >> i want to ask you, like, how often does this sort of thing happen asteroids and meteorites? how often do they come this close to earth?
on this monday morning. nasa is launching a satellite into space today from california. the mission is to study the surface of the earth and how it is the longest running project right now at nasa. >>> vice president joe biden is heading to philadelphia to hold a round table discussion with law enforcement about the future of gun safety. >>> we're going to learn today just how many recorded shark attacks were happening in 2012. that list is put out every single year by the university of florida. last year there were 47 known shark attacks in the united states. >>> you remember about a month ago we told you the price of gas was going down? well, we were a little premature because now it's going back up. it's gone up a quarter in the past two weeks. the average in maryland right now is 3.59 on gallon on par with the nationwide afternoon. >>> the best of the best are competing today in the westminster kennel club show. 2700 breeds are in manhattan to see who is the top dog. there are two new breeds. >>> hundreds of people likely regret their decision to ignore the advice of meteorologists and vent
small asteroid. >> and nasa will be sending a mission into space in 2016. >> we're preparing emission level rendezvous that none of these potentially hazardous asteroids to understand its composition and, collect a sample, and bring it back to earth. >> for those used in the space, it was an exciting day. rob roblin and, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and now a developing story. this is the tale of a police pursuit from the ground and capt. retailer brought on the scene as they were apprehending the suspect. it was in west baltimore and the police began following him after he allegedly stabbed a woman in the parking lot of anne arundel mills mall, about a 15-mile pursuit. no word on whether or not he made off with any cash. the victim is being treated at a hospital and is expected to survive. three men have been terrorizing convenience stores all over the county and the city since late december, but tonight it's all coming to an end. let's get the number and the span of the armed robberies. these three men were all behind them. the last three occurred within minutes of each other arm february 7t
to pass so close to earth later this afternoon, it will be even closer than some satellites. nasa says it will be the best opportunity ever to monitor a near miss by an object so large and learn more about asteroid path prediction. but again, no need to worry. nasa scientists say it will definitely not hit us. that is a good thing. astronomers say an as stroid this size would cause an explosion equivalent to a two and a half megaton bomb. >> wow. >>> 4:35. coming up at 4:53, meet the fredricksburg couple that won $217 million in power ball. >> speaking of money, if you notice the nice bump in your 401(k), you're not alone. jessica is watching your money. she'll explain coming up at 4:40. >>> the weekend is just about here. it's going to be colder. howard has your forecast right after the >>> welcome back. 4:38 on this friday morning. mild day but get ready for a cold weekend. a cold front will arrive late this afternoon. we'll get up to the mid-50s first but showers ahead of the cold front. snow showers flying starting tonight. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. monika,
. with nasa cutting back, how do with nasa cutting back, how do we prevent another tragedy like all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. st seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. neil: tax hikes kicking in. whole foods trying to pump up business by bringing prices down. they say that they are trying to reach a broader market. good to have our next test. >> afternoon, neil. neil: as a whole foods market fan, one thing i would argue is that yes we do pay a little bit more for your stuff. do you lose a little bit of your cachet in the products you sell, and in a way, giving in to these economic forces. your inner self? >> well, that's a fair question. we have been quality friends for years. what we're talking about is keeping in perspective the same strategy that we have talked about on the last six or eight quarters, the headroom in the b
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. bill: according to nasa, 100 tons of meet toors of gravel and dust hit the atmosphere and the earth every single day. the smaller strikes what we saw in russia happen ten times a year. that's new. scientists believe a strike by a meteor six miles across may have been responsible for extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. in case you're wondering on a friday have something to do over the weekend you mentioned the asteroid talking about past several days. they say there is no connection between that and this meteor. we'll talk to scientists throughout the morning. heather: a lot of experts. bill: meantime, six minutes past, the nightmare is finally over. what a slow crawl this was. thousands of passengers cheering the end of a cruise ship horror scene. touching land and kissing it like the pope. the carnival cruise triumph docking last night in mobile after putting what passengers through what they call disgusting conditions. now they say they are just happy to be home. who can blame them. >> i feel great to be off the ship and just being on land and, i get to see my family
to earth. this is video of nasa tracking the asteroid as it moves across the sky -- it is about the size of a football field. at its closest point, the asteroid, which is named 20-12 d-a-14, was just more than 17-thousand miles above the earth's surface. that's lower than some satellites. and while it's too far away to see with naked eye -- there is at least one spot you can go to check it out tonight. we'll show you where -- coming up at 5:30 will you could certainly see the sun out there for today is shining brightly. warm temperatures around the bay area. it is in the '70s in many locations. san francisco not a cloud in the sky. temperatures in san francisco at 70 degrees. low '70's in a lot of places. '70s for a sunnyvale and san jose. 75 degrees in oakland. absolutely beautiful day today. it's going to hang out for most of the weekend. in the meantime look for clear skies tonight. a little bit of patchy fog and a warm day tomorrow but another warm day look for highs in the '70s. things will be pulled down in san francisco but still a warm day. and a few minutes will share next week.
nervous now that nasa is beingng dismantled by this administration? how are we supposed to know -- >> i thought nasa was supposed to do outreach to the muslim community. >> oh, right. >> it was the department of defense. >> no. >> it was not nasa. >> you're right. does -- doesn't have anything to do with space, bob. >> no, no. i think it's waste of time.is asteroid is going to come, what is it going to do? if it hits your house, well, it's a sad thing. i don't want it to hit your house or anybody. if it. hits the russians, that's too bad, too. if it hits any human, it's toong bad. with the exception of a few i could thinkep of. >> that's irrelevant right now. >> therec: are 1,000 people wha? >> are you upset about this? >> no. can we point out that video, that weekend away that the department of homeland security spent all that money on, they also spent money, somewhere around $40 billion over the last ten years on various projects like in arizona where these 90na grand to fund and install video monitoring systems at the peoria sports complex to put securityer cameras in chicago and the
is at the nasa ames center in mountain view this morning to talk to us more about the meteor and then also the timing of it all because a big space rock is headed toward earth. >> reporter: yes, that's exactly right, frank and michelle. to every you go more information about that meteor though, russian scientists say that meteor entered earth's atmosphere about 33,000 miles per hour and hit the ground. more than 700 people are recovering from the meteor's shockwaves that fall caused explosions that broke glass over a wide area and it caught most people off guard. >> terrified. i just hit the snooze bar on my iphone for another nine minutes of sleep and all of a sudden, i fell back asleep and i hear this loud bang! >> reporter: now, this comes on the same day an asteroid known as 2012da14 is headed towards earth. it will make the closest fly-by of an object its size. the meteor and the asteroid are not related. it's coincidence that they are both happening in the same time frame. researchers say this asteroid is not expected to make an impact on earth.
there are a million such objects out there. nasa is doing a very good job cataloging all the ones they can, but so far they've been able to find just about 10,000 of them. so we're a little ways away from having the complete inventory. >> schieffer: well, let me just ask you this question-- is there something the government ought to be doing or science ought to be doing that it's not doing? >> actually, believe it or not we are handling this one well. in 1995, nasa authorized-- or rather, congress authorized nasa to scan the skies 24 hours a at day, seven days a week, to look for these objects and we're doing it at three observatories in california, new mexico, and puerto rico. and those three observatories have accounted for about 98% of the bodies we know are out there. now, there are ways to defend ourselves once we know it's out there. and we have the technology to do it. it's just a question of putting the money together and deciding to do that. >> schieffer: all right well, that is a little bit reassuring, and thank you very much for helping us on something that most of us know absolutely nothin
are in a higher orbit than that, but unlike the russian meteor, nasa did see this space rock coming. >> nasa's currently studying about 9,000 of these near-earth asteroids. about 1,800 of them are fairly large and those are of very particular interest to us. >> now, overnight a bright flash was spotted streaking above the bay area sky. you might have seen it. and as the sky lit up, so did the phones in our newsroom. e-mails and tweets came pouring into kpix5. check that out. people concerned about a streak of light in the sky, and this youtube user posted this video of what may be a bright blue flash over the peninsula. we haven't been able to confirm the accuracy of that video, but, again, it was posted on youtube overnight from santa clarita to fairfield, facebook and twitter users reported seeing some type of flash just before 8:00 p.m. and nasa tells us there's no connection between the three of them, it was simply a cosmic coincidence. now, brian, you study these sorts of things. what's going on? it was kind of weird in 24 hours we saw all this. >> i
this afternoon around 2:25 eastern. nasa didn't know about the astroid until a year ago when an amateur astronomer just happened to spot it in our skies. but it seems a remote part of russia did get a visitor from space. at least one meteorite streaked across the sky this morning triggering powerful shockwaves. witnesses say the noise set off car alarms and broke windows and damaged a factory. at least 250 people were hurt, mostly cuts from broken glass. thousands of russian troops were put on alert. >> apparently according to the latest information we have, 20,000 first responders are being sent to the scene, three aircraft surveying the damage from the scene. again, all those folks injured from the broken glass of all the stuff that shattered during the collision. >> and it's cold there, so the people with shattered windows are in the freezing cold. so a lot going on. >>> now let's check our weather. mountain snow in the central rockies. showers from tennessee to southern illinois. heavy rain from orlando southward. snow around the great lakes and northern new england. >>> mostly 50s
. joining us now to talk all about this is our sky guy greg redfern, nasa ambassador. so we booked you to come in -- >> little did we know. >> you guys are good, top of the news. >> real good, man. how's the stock market going to do? >> we'll see. i thought the mayanna calendar was -- >> child's play. >> all right, greg, let's talk about this event. most people are just hearing about it. >> boy. >> a meteor, how big do we think it was? >> well, the latest news report said that this was probably about 10 tons and i'm thinking it's probably the size of a big suv, came in the atmosphere, they were figuring about 33,000 miles an hour and it exploded at about 18 to 20 miles or so above the earth's atmosphere. this is incredible video, incredible. so you're seeing the fireball, ball like coming in. >> it's essentially melting as it's coming into the atmosphere? >> it's blading, it's coming in, it's leaving all of this material, the earth's atmosphere, it's causing friction, it's making its surface a blade away, it's building up this shock wave in front of it and the fireball can't withstand
,200 miles of earth's surface but then cruise safely back into space. >> reporter: nasa says it is the largest to fly this close to earth since the agency started keeping track. while the experts say it won't hit the earth, 130,000 metric tons of flying mass still makes people a little nervous. >> an impact by an object the size that will pass next week happens about every 1,200 years. >> reporter: to understand the true impact of asteroids striking earth, you have to travel back 66 million years. that's the time frame researchers at uc berkeley have newly pinpointed as the demise of the dinosaurs. >> the dinosaurs we think are wiped out around 66.043 million years ago. that's to within about 320,000 years. >> reporter: in a paper published this week, the group noted along with volcanos, the final nail in the dinosaur coffin likely fell from space. >> one is that an asteroid slammed into the earth. that wiped out the dinosaurs and a lot of life on earth. >> reporter: next friday's asteroid path isn't expected to be quite as spectacular but oakland space center will offer the
in the area which can closed during the storm. >>> nasa scientists held a collective breath this morning as an at last rocket lifted off from vandenberg air force base -- atlas rocket lifted off from the vandenberg air force base. this is the eighth launch. because of the failure of this and technical problem with 6 and 7, today's launch was considered critical for the conation of the -- continuation of the program. >>> a warming trend is underway around the bay area. chances are, you are filling it because we are up by several degrees over yesterday at this hour. under mostly sunny skies a little bit of a breeze in the hills we have a north-northeast wind around fairfield. 13 miles per hour. up above, 1,000 feet or so, a little gusty. for most anywhere from 5 to 10 miles an hour. the light winds will continue for today. ridge of high pressure driving those temperatures up. right now, 63 in napa, 63, santa rosa. low 60s walnut creek. hayward, oakland checking in right about 59 degrees. these numbers anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. napa and santa rosa closer
that was gunned down. and tim cook, and a nasa employee known as mohawk guy, there he is. he gained the nickname with the launch of the mars rover, curiosity. you can watch the state of the union dress tomorrow at 5:45. >> the governor of texas is making big claims, he said that the conservative state has knocked california off the perch as the nation's business leader. governor rick perry made the comments to the mercury news, this week he has meetings in san francisco, silicone valley and los angeles. he is trying to lure businesses to the sunshine state by show casing their best qualities. in the interview of course perry reportedly took shots at governor jerry brown and said, austin is posed to be the next silicone valley. and jerry brown said it was a cheap gimmick. >> a man is suing the coast guard for his pilots license. he is blamed for causing the worst oil spill in the san francisco bay in the decade when he crashed into the bay bridge. he was at fault and his pilot's license was in the process of being revoked. instead, he retired. his credentials were valid to 2010. the coast guard r
invited nasa engineer. he spent his childhood in the bay area and became famous during the mars curiosity mission. >> kristen: you can watch it live and also at abc7news.com beginning at 6:00 as karen mentioned. mark co-reib yeo in florida will give the republican response. wheel of for tune will air at 7:30, followed by shop competition, the pace and then join the weather team to look at inside bay area weather. modern family will air and then body of praof followed by "abc 7 news" at 11:00. >> we move here. the manhunt expands to mexico for a suspected los angeles cop killer. could christopher dorner slipped across the border? >> new details about the pope's resignation, secret surgery and new signs he has been planning every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that shine ! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow ! awesome ! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i won't use anything else. love, love, love finish
speaking at a conference in san francisco. mrs. obama also invited nasa engineer. he spent his childhood in the bay area and became famous during the mars curiosity mission. >> kristen: you can watch it live and also at abc7news.com beginning at 6:00 as karen mentioned. mark co-reib yeo in florida will give the republican response. wheel of for tune will air at 7:30, followed by shop competition, the pace and then join the weather team to look at inside bay area weather. modern family will air and then body of praof followed by "abc 7 news" at 11:00. >> we move here. the manhunt expands to mexico for a suspected los angeles cop killer. could christopher dorner slipped across the border? >> new details about the pope's resignation, secret surgery and new signs he has >>> the ceo of san francisco porn company was arrested for drug possession and prompted. peter adler uploaded a video of himself firing guns. police paid the building a visit after seeing the video online. officers say they found cocaine on the property and took him into the custody. kink.com was featured in a documentary tha
is taking a trip past the earth. nasa says it will be the best opportunity ever to monitor a near miss by something so huge that the space rock is 150 meters if diameter and rendezvouses with planet earth tomorrow. astronomers say the space rock will not impact the earth but will make a very close pass. >> a new study shows use of the morning after poll has more than doubled. the survey found 11 percent of sexually active woman took the pill from 2006 to 2010, up from 4 percent when the survey was done in 2002. the data fund a fourth of sexually active women took the pill which will fuel further debate over the health care law that will require employers to provide free birth control pills. >> have you looked outside? there was a little bit of fog and the sun was out. >> just barely over the water, it is almost gone, and a warming trend and temperatures are on the way up to not record levels but warmer than average. now a look outside to show you what is going on wait. wait. wait. there you go, what we are looking at is pictures from south beach this morning and what we are seeing is a
, but remain calm a huge asteroid is taking a trip past the earth. nasa says it will be the best opportunity ever to monitor a near miss by something so huge that the space rock is 150 meters if diameter and rendezvouses with planet earth tomorrow. astronomers say the space rock will not impact the earth but will make a very close pass. >> a new study shows use of the morning after poll has more than doubled. the survey found 11 percent of sexually active woman took the pill from 2006 to 2010, up from 4 percent when the survey was done in 2002. the data fund a fourth of sexually active women took the pill which will fuel further debate over the health care law that will require employers to provide free birth control pills. >> have you looked outside? there was a little bit of fog and the sun was out. >> just barely over the water, it is almost gone, and a warming trend and temperatures are on the way up to not record levels but warmer than average. now a look outside to show you what is going on wait. wait. wait. there you go, what we are looking at is pictures from south beach this morning
ever seen before. >> i'm a very much a visual scientist. >> he is working at nasa and now studying, mark has an impressive list of discoveries under his belt. the rings around jupiter. multiple rings and planets circli circli cirque uranis and now around pluto. one of mark's great skills seems to be his ability to strip away all of the visual noise that comes with taking pictures in space. and revealing what is hitten beneath. he also has a great instinct for knowing what to look for and where. like when he found a new moon orbiting saturn. >> i told my spouse that morning, i'm going to be looking for a moon near saturn today. so then i called home and said, guess what i did today? i found a moon around saturn. >> that no one had ever seen? >> that no one had ever seen. >> mark has been privileged to name many of them. a privilege he decided to share with the rest of us. remember those two moons orbiting pluto? right now they are calls p4 and p5. now a chance for the rest of us to share in mark's latest discovery, one unlikely to be his last. >> two moons in two years for me, that'
and it will be to bright out, but nasa is planning on streaming video of the flyby over the internet. da 14 is expected to pass by the earth friday morning around 11:30am pacific time. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news no audio... >> pam: take a look at this! a massive pillow fight breaks out in the middle of san francisco. it's an annual valentine's day tradition. hundreds of people gathered at justin herman plaza on market street. all to hit one another with pillows. this is not technically a city - sanctioned event, but this will be the 8th year in a row it has happened. last year's clean - up cost the city thousands of dollars. now let's get back over to anny. >> overnight, we're expecting clear skies and if minimal fog no problems for your morning commute. it will still be warm. the weekend will look cooler. by sunday but that showers will be there for next week. 52 degrees in oakland. 40's in santa rosa, and the north bay. temperatures will be in the lower 50s as we get toward around 70 degrees. here is a look at the satellite & radar. that offshore flow with the western wind from lan
maÑana la "nasa" transmitira imagenes en vivo del paso del asteroide "2012 da14". blanca ---nueva pausa pero en minutos, take vo ---nuevos documentos revelan que la visita del papa a mexico pudo haber sido el detonante para que renunciara.... take vo - cesar ---un famoso atleta es acusado de asesinar a su novia a balazos. nat - wait for cue vo - blanca ---un cantante mexicano nos confiesa que le gusta que le canten al oido.. quien ser?? segment ends revelaciones en el vaticano. take vo ---hoy, el portavoz de la santa sede, confirmo que durante su visita a leon guanajuato, mexico el aÑo pasado, el papa benedicto 16, se golpeo la cabeza y sangro profusamente. ---de acuerdo a un diario italiano, el sumo pontfice se cay y se golpeo en la cabeza contra un lavabo cuando se paro a medianoche en una habitacion que le era desconocida. ---segun el vocero, el papa tomo la decision de renunciar tras culminar su viaje a mexico y a cuba ya que fue extenuante para el. cesar ---el atleta olimpico sudafricano "oscar pistorius" fue acusado formalmente hoy del asesinato de su novia que fue encontrada sin
is why a trio of big brains from nasa, apollo 9 astronaut rusty schweickart, ed lou and scott hubbard have become the astronaut hunters, launching their own mission to find asteroids that are on a collision course with our world. >> this asteroid is important because it's a wake-up call that we should be looking out there. these things do hit the earth. >> reporter: the last near disaster was averted by pure luck. it was 1908 and a huge asteroid made a direct hit. fortunately into siberia, where a thousand miles of trees and wildlife were decimated. just imagine if the bull's eye had been new york or chicago. >> if a very large asteroid hit, and i'm talking about something that is miles across then it would probably create the same kind of disaster that wiped out the dinosaurs. >> reporter: amazingly, no one knew da-14 was headed our way until a spanish dentist and amateur astronomer randomly discovered this grainy proof a year ago. >> of all the asteroids that are out there that come near the earth and can do harm if they hit the earth, we only know 1% now. 99% of them, we don't even
asteroide de "150 pies" de largo pasara muy cerca de la tierra este viernes y la nasa dice que es la mejor oportunidad para vigilar un objeto sideral de esas dimensiones. la primera informacion en despierta america. . >> hermoso gracias por mandar esta foto queremos sabe lo que el primer beso . >> yuli lo averiguo . >> el día del amor inspirados indagamos del tema del beso sobre todo el primero . >> gracioso . >> porque no lo esperaba . >> esta pareja se lo dio hace 22 años cuándo tenían 15 años . >> no sabíamos como era, solo juntamos los labios . >> aquí en univisión también se emocionan al recordarlo . >> mi primer novio formal en la acera como de película me abrazo y me dio un besito . >> el primer beso francés . >> el más apasionado hace 30 años un día de los enamorados . >> nos quedamos juntos , si. >> si sello nuestras vidas y la de nuestros hijos . >> a tony le paso lo mismo . >> claro con mi esposa actual en un elevador en visita que ella hizo a miami , hasta violines como de novela . >> por que me besaste? porque te amo le dije . >> para algunos no fue mejor, per
. there is no risk, but it is a warning of what is out there. nasa attract the asteroid. they said there was no danger. an observer pick out the tiny white shape of the rock going through space. >> we have always focused people's minds on this. we have known for a while that there are things out there. this is just a very timely reminder, a reminder of why it is important for us to keep scanning the skies. >> all of this is a wake-up call. the asteroid that was much larger did pass us by. when it comes to protecting ourselves, there is not much we can do. bbc news. >> for more on today's events, i spoke to a chemist at the smithsonian in washington. what is going on out there? first of all, you have this need your read, and then you have this asteroid. >> absolutely, a very busy day. i think it is unprecedented. a really truly interesting day, to have them passing so close that it is actually visible, and then to have this media right in russia. it is a special day. >> what is causing it? we did not know any of this was coming? >> no, we were actually caught a bit by surprise. we h
the earth is floating around, orbiting the sun in a cosmic shooting gallery. >> nasa is working on launching a rocket in 2016 to take samps from asteroids. also to analyze rocks untouched by humans. >> asteroids, meteorites,. >> incredible stuff. >> mark is here now with spring training. >> doesn't it feel like baseball season out there? in life say they don't burn your pitches. our fred inglis is in arizona with a couple of giants who definitely didn't burn any bridges and that's one of the reasons they're back. >> reporter: you got that right. you know the world series giants still have 22 players from last year's team. but they did add one veteran outfielder who happened to be a very big part of the 2010 world series giants. andres torres and angel pagan met in their locker room today. last year they were traded for each other along with ramone ramirez. pagan the 31-year-old had a great season. he won a world series ring and signed a new four year $40 million contract. meanwhile the 35-year-old andres torres had an injury- plagued year. he comes back for a one year $2 million deal and jus
to deflect asteroids today. >> reporter: and that's a $450 million project expected to launch in 2018, nasa a junior partner. live in oakland, stephanie trong. >> thank you very much, stephanie. less than a day back on dry land and one passenger is already suing carnival cruiseline for the debacle on the ship. passengers spend four and a half hours without plumbing. she says they failed to provide a seaworthy vessel. carnival has offered to refund their ticket, a ticket for another cruise and $500. >> it's always devastating with a pet dies but even more devastating when it happens in someone else's care. there are dangers of shipping your animals carlo. >> jessica, money through hundreds of reports released to the department of transportation. we found some horrific incidents and discovered airlines can sometimes save few consequences. >> our bets become our best friend and leaving them can be devastating. kay lek going to -- >> he's in l.a. where they can take him to the beach and he's going to have an acre to live on. >> so to give him a better life, he's about to be shipped as cargo on
que circulen la tierra, e intercepte una amenaza. >>> interesante propuesa ta. >>> sÍ. >>> la nasa tomÓ fotos a decenas de meteoritos, uno de los mÁs grandes fue en el 2004. las fotos las pueden ver en uninoticias. com, vamos a cambiar de tema, si todos los inmigrantes que pueden hacerse ciudadanos, lo hicieran , el pÓder de latinos aumentarÍa considerablemente, se revelan cifras de cuÁntos son, y por qÉe no presentan la solicitud, jaime garcÍa con el anÁlisis desde los Ángeles. >>> se estima que en el paÍs, hay 8 millones y mediosteo de inmigrantes legales. elegibles para solicitar la ciudadanÍa de estados unidos, no lo hicieron, a pesar que la gran mayorÍa si lo ha considerado. >>> mÁs que el 90% de inmigrantes latinos dicen que quieren ser ciudadanos, el director del centro para la integraciÓn de inmigrantes, es coautor del nuevo estÚdio, nutriendo la nacionalizaciÓn. con mÁs de la mitad de inmigrantes elegibles para la ciudadanÍa, viviendo en la pobreza, el costro es el mayor obstÁculo. >>> desde el 97, fuimos de 95 dÓlares a 185 dolares. >>> el punto del re
to discover more asteroids than earth-based telescopes have over the past 30 years. nasa has reportedly found most of the big asteroids that could wipe out mankind, but the smaller ones that could take out cities or regions, we only know about 1% of those. the goal for sentinel is to find those, and if we have several years warning scientists believe we could deflected any earth-bound rocks away from us. the bottom line, they don't want us to be blind-sided like we were yesterday when a large ten-ton meteor barrelled across the sky in siberia, traveling 59 more than 30,000 miles per hour, creating a shockwave that blew out windows and knocked down part of a factory. more than 1,000 people were injured. also yesterday, a 150-foot asteroid gave earth a close shave, passing 17,000 miles above the planet's surface. what's unnerve being that one, astronomers discovered it last year, too late do us any good if it was going to hit us. the asteroid gods treated the bay area to an amazing light show last night this is video of a fireball streaking across our sky around 8:00 in the evening. today the a
of collisions. >> reporter: aware, but how well is the world prepared? nasa budgeted $20 million last year to look for objects that may hit the earth but some scientists say more money should be spent on detection and ways to avoid a possible collision. >> we've gotten very good at finding the big things, the kilometer sized objects. we're working down to smaller objects. but there's many more of the small objects like these than there are of the big ones. >> i'd say the appropriate technology for deflecting a dangerous asteroid could possibly be a nuclear bomb, but the key is catching and detecting the objects early. >> reporter: experts say that friday's blast could have killed thousands of people had the meteor landed in the middle of a large city, a reminder they say that even smaller objects threatening earth should be a wake-up call. >> we knew factually we lived in a celestial falling rock zone, but friday taught us, reminded us that we live in a shooting gallery, in fact, we got into a crossfire. >> reporter: the power of the universe on display here on earth. michelle franzen, nbc
this area is so cold. nasa estimates the meteor exploded with the force of at least 20 hiroshima atomic bombs. >> if this amount of energy had been detonated at ground level, instead of ten miles up, it would have probably leveled a -- every single building in an area the size of chicago. >> reporter: local officials say the explosion injured more than 1,000 people and caused about $33 million in damage. cameras captured the meteor in the sky over russia. now crews are trying to find fragments in a lake about 50 miles from the town. scientists say an event of this magnitude happens about once every hundred years but they say it's not uncommon for meteors to impact the planet more often. >> we are hit by about 100 tons of space debris every day. >> reporter: the explosion in russia and an asteroid that just missed earth has people looking up. late friday, some in the san francisco bay area reported seeing a fireball streaking through the sky. experts say it was likely another meteor. but the three events are unrelated. tatiana anderson for cbs news. >>> for thousands of passengers aboard
promised to replace all windows within a week. nasa estimates the explosion was about 30 times the size of the nuclear bomb dropped on hiroshima. local officials say it injured more than 1,000 people and caused about $33 million in damage. cameras captured the meteor in the sky over central russia. now, crews are trying to find fragments of it in a lake about 50 miles from the town of chelyabinsk. there's a large hole where some say part of the meteor fell. scientists say an event of this magnitude happens once about every hundred years but it's not uncommon they say for meteors to impact the planet more often. >> earth is hit with 100 tons of space debris every day. and that includes at least one basketball sized object. >> reporter: the explosion in russia and the asteroid that just missed earth has people looking up. tatiana anderson for cbs news. >>> it feels like you're on a roller coaster pretty much. >> a roller coaster into the history books. how the crew of this racing yacht was able to do it. -- h >> and looking out from our kpix 5 newsroom
a week. nasa estimates the explosion was about 30 times the size of the nuclear bomb dropped on hiroshima. local officials say it injured more than 1,000 people and caused about $33 million in damage. cameras captured the meteor in the sky over central russia. now, crews are trying to find fragments of it in a lake about 50 miles from the town. there's a large hole where some say part of the meteor fell. scientists say an event of this magnitude happens once about every hundred years but it's not uncommon they say for meteors to impact the planet more often. >> earth is hit with 100 tons of space debris every day. and that includes at least one basketball sized object. >> reporter: the explosion in russia and the asteroid that just missed earth has people looking up. tatiana anderson for cbs news. it has been four days since the hunt for fugitive ex-cop chris dorner ended in a burning cabin in big bear. >>> and with the man hunt now over, people are heading back to the resort area. cbs reporter louisa hodge is in big bear with reaction from
seen on a nasa website where he was an intern focused on systems eny nearing. one of his roommates woke up to the flames. >> lit fires all around the house, which lured his two roommates outside. the trio went to put out the fires together. green pulled a gun from his waistband. shot one roommate to death, and wounded another as he fled. green then ran into the backyard and shoot himself to death. julie parker speaks for prince georges county police. >> detectives discovered a 9 mm handgun next to the gunman's body. they also discovered a bag of weapons to include a baseball bat, a machete, a semi- automatic handgun, and ammunition. the shooter had been suffering from a mental illness. >> it is an incredible tragedy. >> university president, wallace lowe said the university was not aware of green's troubled mental history. >> what led up to this? was there a precipitating event? >> they had been here once before for a burglary call in october and they got a bizarre 911 hangup in january. neighboring students said there was no apparent problem at the house. >> it is definitely a sh
brilliant, he was a student ambassador to nasa, working on systems engineering for spacecraft. >> the shooter had been suffering from a mental illness. >> but green was apparently deeply troubled, according to police. police found he was well armed as well. >> he discovered a 9 mm handgun next to the gunman's body. they also discovered a bag of weapons to include a baseball bat, a machete, a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun and ammunition. >> given that he lawfully purchased the handgun that he used, and registered to him, that means he had to have passed a background check here in maryland so based on that, i would say there must not have been a prohibiter that was found by the maryland state police at the time. >> university of maryland president, wallace lowe, said the administration was not aware of green's mental health troubles. >> we do know that we have significantly increased the number of psychologists and other mental health professionals to advise and council our students. >> share the shock and grief while some wondered what could have been done. >> you
time in history, nasa gathers a rock sample from mars. the curiosity rover drilled a hole into a rock used its robotic arm this weekend. the rock is believed to be proof that there was once water on that planet. the rover will process the sample over the next few days. >>> the hottest dog show in the country picks off tomorrow. a dog from anne arundel county is competing in the westminster kennel club. tonight we meet blanket rocket ship. >> reporter: as he sits waiting for his last minute preb he's ready. >> he likes to -- prep he's ready. >> he likes to look good. >> yes he does. >> reporter: to take the westminster dog show by form. >> he has a lot of fun as a dog the day before because he's not allowed to sniff or play with dogs the next day. >> reporter: fluffy, 93 pound bermese mountain dog will be entered in the working dog group. this trip to new york is impressive. it is the first time westminster has allowed a non-champion to compete. >> we a super excited to be there. it's a long shot that he'll win. it's possible. anything is possible. but we have so excited just to be at
in plastic with that dress. >> be nice. >> keep it clean. >>> the space shuttle may be history but nasa is keeping busy. how the latest launch today could help us keep better tabs on the planet. >>> at 5:20, the encouraging developments in the fight against teenage pregnancy. >> putting the power of your iphone into a device you can wear on your wrist. >>> the perfect bouquet for your >>> valentine's day is a few days away. florists across the country are gearing up for one of the busiest days of the year. new advice for lovers who want valentine's day to be perfect. tip one, do not wait. place your orders to make sure your special someone gets his or her flowers on time. buying local is the best way to ensure that your flowers aren't dead and wilted by the 14th. before you buy, of course, watch news 4 at 5:00 tonight. because liz crenshaw will show you that not all roses are created equal. my favorite are peonies in case you need to know, aaron. >> dual noted. gas prices continue their rise towards $4. the national average $3.58. seven cents more than a week ago. d.c. drivers paying $3
was named a student ambassador for nasa. he was a grad student in maryland researching robots in space. something went wrong. >> after speaking with green's family detectives learned that the shooter had been suffering from a mental illness. >> at some point, he began to arm himself. police found a basketball bat, machete and handgun, one of them is 9 millimeter. >> that was purchased legally in the baltimore county area in 201. >> green used that handgun to kill his house mate and to wound another before shooting himself dead. it happened apparently without warning. the house mates found green setting small fires in and near their off campus fire. >> it is really scary that it happened right here and so close to campus. >> it is a crazy night in college parking. you hear about it all over the place but you don't except it to be outside your front door. >> most students we spoke to expressed such disbelief. the school's president says he was stunned. he says the school was unaware of green's troubles. >> it is a tragedy and our heart gose out to his family
student and intern at nearby nasa goddard set four fires. one inside, three in the backyard before turning on his roommates who had been awakened by the commotion. >> one of the students noticed the suspect reaching into his waistband for a gun. 45 student then -- that student then began to run away from the home. as he did, he heard gun shots and then very quickly realized that he had been hit. >> reporter: that 22-year-old student is expected to survive. the murder victim was 22-year- old undergrad steven alex reign of silver spring. >> my thoughts are this is a great tragedy for the rest of maryland entire community, and our thoughts and our prayers are with the victims and their loved ones. >> reporter: police say green's family told investigators that he had been suffering from a mental illness for a year and was predescribed medication to treat it. >> when i met him, he was a nice guy, you know, very well- spoken. a january win nice guy. >> reporter: investigators say the murder weapon was a legally purchased .9-millimeter handgun. the investigators say a bag that had a machete, a fu
telescopio ultra moderno captara el paso del asteroides como no se puede ver a ojo limpio y. la nasa lo pasarÁ por internet. los 1cientÍficos estanca si seguros que asteroides del tamaÑo de un supermercado o mÁs grandes han pasado cerca de la tierra. pero dicen que con la tecnologÍa que tenÍamos disponible simplemente no los habÍamos visto. >>> para muchos el paso de esta mega roca bautizada 2012 d 14 y lleva miles de millones de aÑos ciro clappculando por el univer serÁ ante todo un espectaculo similar. >>> una aproximaciÓn de este tipo ocurre mÁs o menos 1.200 aÑos en oakland, cristina londoÑo telemundo. >>> en breve en noticiero telemundo ¿cuanto cree que dura el >>> hoy en el dÍa de san valentÍn muchas personas se hacen promesas para toda la vida. el amor tiene fecha de vencimiento. desde la capital mexicana, raÚl torres tiene un reportaje nada romÁntico. >>> el amor estÁ en una mirada. en una caricia, en un beso. quien lo siente, dice que estÁ en el corazÓn y el alma. por eso laura e ivÁn se casaron, luego de 9 aÑos de noviazgo. >>> por eso, decidimos reunirn
's related to a asteroid headed towards asteroid. scientists say it isn't. nasa says there's no chance of impact from it. the asteroid is said to be about the size of an olympic swimming pool and is projected to come 17,000 from the earth that makes it the closest encounter since scientists began monitoring asteroids 15 years ago. >>> oscar pistorius is formally charged with murder of his model girlfriend. he broke down in court this morning as the charges were read. prosecutors said they will pursue a charge of premeditated murder. investigators have offered no motive for the alleged killing. pistorius's next court hearing is set for tuesday. >>> we're learning more about the tragic moments that led to a police recruit getting shot in the head during training. wjz stays on the story this noon with mike hellgren. >> the investigation is underway at this hour no charges have been filed the officer who was injured remains in critical condition. >> police identified the baltimore city training officer involved in an incident at the old rosewood hospital site and severe ri injured another
university as an undergrad and participated in the nasa student ambassador program. >>> there's new insight into the pope's decision to step down at the end of the month. the vatican revealed the pontiff received a pace maker in 2005. his last appearance comes tomorrow. >>> and tonight the united nations is threatening to take further action against north korea after its nuclear test. the rogue nation detonate add bomb on sunday night. president obama says north korea is further isolating itself and sending its people into poverty. >>> and the nation's eyes are on the president tonight delivering his state of the union address just three weeks after he was sworn in for another four years. >> mr. speaker the president of the united states. >> president obama tells the joint session of congress the u.s. economic recovery is well underway. >> the state of our union is stronger. [ applause ]. >> the president focused on the middle class and millions of americans still looking for work. >> it is our unfinished task to make sure that this government works on behalf of the many and not just the fe
in a series he'll deliver across the country. >>> right now, nasa keeping a close eye on an astroid that's supposed to have a close call with earth. it's called 2012-da 14. will pass a little more than 17,000 miles from the earth's surface. it's about 150 feet in diameter, weighs about 143,000 tons. it is the closest an astroid of that size has come to earth in a century. experts are fairly confident it will miss us. >> fairly confident or absolutely confident? come on, tom. there's a big difference. we don't want it anywhere near earth, right? >> that's what the dinosaurs thought. it's going to be missing us. based on our technology and trajectory, looks like it will miss us. coming close later today. might be a breeze. upper 20s, light breeze right now on the surface. in the mid-20s parts of northern virginia. near 30 degrees in arlg -- it's cold near or below freezing from west virginia to the eastern shore. except near the waters. through the day, still below freezing at 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. near noontime near 50. might hit the mid-50s by mid afternoon. heading back home, might be li
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-meter asteroid and nasa says it will get closer at around 7:30 gmt, pm, on friday. it is not expected to hit the earth but the bad news is it could affect satellites orbiting the earth. >> satellites of this size passed by the earth once every 40 years in the last someone hit the earth was in 1908 and caused devastation in a region of russia. the next time could be 40 years, an impact could damage the world's communications system badly. the world relies on the satellite systems far more heavily than most of us realize. all of our aircraft and motor transport systems run on satellite gps and mills and many of the world's clocks are based on signals from space and most of our telecommunications and television signals, at some point, pass across satellites. if the satellite system was damaged, the world would go dark, on that cheery little mouth, --note, it will affect telecommunications. >> thank you very much, not very -- nothing very dark about you. still to come -- could liverpool fc face racial abuse when they play in russia tonight? ♪ ♪ >> at least four people have been killed
a collapsed wall, replacing and boarding up blown-out windows. nasa says this was the biggest meteor to hit earth in over a century, weighing more than the eiffel tower, its explosion in the atmosphere, the equivalent of 30 hiroshima bombs. officials say over 1,200 people were injured, over 4,000 buildings damaged and over a million square feet of glass shattered. the size of about 20 football fields. there are broken storefronts and windows like this one all around the city, you can see them all the way down the street behind me. the city is littered with broken glass that caused most of the injuries. the hunt is on for fragments that hit the ground, divers searched this frozen lake where one piece is thought to have created this massive hole in the ice. meteor hunters from around the world are calling this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> a small piece could be worth thousands of dollars. bigger chunks, hundreds of thousands. >> no doubt that millions and millions in value, pieces fell to earth. >> the frozen ground and snow will help preserve the meteor debris. a new cosmic gold r
that are projected to a flat plan, we take pictures around an object so you get 3d digital model. nasa's case, we scanned the image of insulated tile and then we create repair, that's idea call shape of the damage. this data gets sent up to space station and they cut it out with the repair and the spacewalker can go out, fit it in, seal it, and then the damage is repaired. >> and we've got some props on the desk. tell me about what you brought us today. >> okay. so this is a 3d printed shoe and we're experimenting the art, which is a mesh of many object. the material, lighter weight with a lot of empty spaces. in the heel, and then also it is molded to the shape of my feet so it's completely custom made. >> ping, good to have you on the program. thank you so much. >>> up next, the coming news in the upcoming week that will be have impact "on the money." and is the city of new york city takeout in jeopardy? may michael bloomberg's list of banned substances as we take a break. look at how the stock market ended the week. back in a moment. look at how th market ended the week. back in a moment. look
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. this is a serious thing right? people say why doesn't nasa do something about it, and there are cool old political reasons. first of all, it wasn't part of nasa's charter it wasn't human space flight or science it's just cataloging objects that are scientifically understood, blah blah blah blah. we work hard to raise awareness of this, and so oh, we are maybe getting there. cenk: how much money do you think is needed to catalog it? >> it's a great question. there's two things we do wrong as c.e.o. of a non-profit. we don't ask for money and then we don't ask for enough. cenk: so fix it right now. don't be like a down sore, fix it. >> we can approach the problem in two ways, first to get the sentinel spacecraft flying, that's about $450 million. then between now and when that could possibly happen, it's about that much money and then after that, to go deflect one it's about that much money. cenk: we're talking about a billion. >> 1.5 billion. it's what the curious city rover cost. we might find something on mars that might dare i say it, change the world. cenk: bush said let's go drill on mars, it'
'm not a professor but -- >> i'm not actually an expert, so it's okay. how do we miss that? >> the thing is, nasa really is tracking thousands of objects that are objects of interest near earth asteroids. this thing was small and frankly the direction it was coming from was towards the sun. so we didn't see it. sometimes we spot things just days before they pass by. and some things we track for years in advance. >> so this we just barely -- or unfairly, we missed. we could miss other stuff. should we pour money into equipment or technology that would see more of that stuff, however small? i'm all for putting money into nasa. it's half a percent of our budget. only a small fraction of that goes towards this, monitoring the earth's asteroids. it might be important in the long run. but like i said, they do track some things for years. there's many things that we're aware of. but the solar system is not eight planets, there are millions of objects making up the solar system. >> you say you're not a professor, you come off as a very good one. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thanks. >> neil: i
to a nasa press conference where they are discussing the implications of all of this. >> that was horrifying. >> joe, welcome to the show. >> thank you, andy. >> the head of the near earth object program says he thinks this was an event caused by the atmospheric impact, but you disagree? >> yes, i understood some of those words. i think this is proof about the weakening of meteors and asteroids. one of these things called kill all of the dinasaurs. my research and hard work has proven this for years. they call me crazy, but who is laughing now, andy? >> nobody here. is it. >> it is not funny. >> why do you think -- is it president obama? >> i'll tell what you it is. when bruce willis has to crawl in it to implode it from the inside, little pieces hit the earth. that's what happens. where was morgan free map? >> you you confusing movie world. nasa says this event is not related to the asteroid which flew by earth on friday. but isn't that exactly what they would say if the two things were related? >> exactly they don't want people to freak out. that's why they have been trying to send out ima
until lawmakers can reach a more extensive budget plan. >> today, nasa launches what it's claiming is its most advanced new at lite into space. the land sat data continuity mission launches today in california. nasa calls it the most advanced, capable spacecraft of its kind ever built helping to monitor environmental change and natural resources. it's about the size of an suv and will likely be in orbit for years. once in space the u.s. geological survey takes over the operations. tom kierein joins us now. talk about this not such nice weather, tom. >> some call it gloomy. >> a little bit. >> i call it dismal. i look on the bright side. look at this picture. it tells the story. low clouds with a little bit of fog. a little drizzle from the fog right there over the jefferson memorial. you can barely make it out. the fog will be lifting and things will be improving here into the afternoon. he said hopefully. now 42 at reagan national with wind out of the south. now mid 40s. prince georges county mid 40s. mid 40s in montgomery county. arlington and fairfax mid 40s. a little bit of sun
is a brilliant university of maryland graduate engineering student with ties to nasa. but he was also suffering from a mental illness that turned deadly. >> the whole thing -- >> shocked, neighboring students said bullets went through an suv window and into a neighborhood home. >> i guess -- >> find the trigger of a semihandgun was dayvon green. a 23-year-old university of maryland graduate engineering student and self-described brainiac, seen on a nasa website, where he was working on engineering. >> one of his roommates woke up to the flames. >> a bizarre night was lit fires all around the house which lured these roommates outside. green inexplicably pulled his gun from his waistband, shot one roommate to death and shot another. green ran in the backyard and shot hems. julie parker speaks to prince georges police. >> next to the gunman's body, a handgun was found. they also discovered a bag of weapons to include a baseball bat, a machete, a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun and ammunition. the shooter had been suffering from a mental illness. >> university president, wahl wallace l
...thii is a printout from nasa'ssweb according to his online nass a - profile...his rrsearch satelliteeservicing spaccccaftssjjst two ears affer he was chosen as a nasa studdnt ambassaddo...police roommates before urniig the hs puunon himself.ggeen's family who liiessin rosedale sttll told police their son had been puffering from mental illness for at leaat a year... neighbors who aakkd us to ide their ideetity, say they hadd áno clue about his sttuggles...only that hhewas a "" was totally shocked this morning, ittwas a surprise, it was a shame, i uuss was very ssudious come home from school and yyu wouldnnt see himmtiil he came from schooo the next day" police say ttat green did not leave a note....andd itts still unclear tonight, if from officials aa college park northeasttbaltimore, jj fox45 02:52:29"thhs is aa &pextravagance, it's ott &pneeessary, it'ssa wwste." spendinn....the pricey pprtt paid for wiih your tax dollarr. schools innmarylaadafter the - trageey in sandd hook...how casinos mmy plly a role...when we come ack p this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you t
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